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Are You Taking Advantage of Mobile Advertising or Marketing Automation?

Written By Curtis Sanders 08/06/2017

Hello, my name is Curtis W Sanders and I’m a multifaceted professional fueled by three key principles: dedication, passion, and integrity. Combining my diverse background in sales, real estate investing, money strategizing, and everything in between, I am dedicated to helping people step into their best versions by giving them the edge they need to achieve financial prosperity.
Today I want to help you achieve a simple to set up form of mobile advertising using android ads and push notifications. This form of advertising is known as proximity marketing or bluetooth advertising. In essence there are these tiny little devices, no larger than a silver dollar allow users to send a custom 40-50 character notification with a clickable-link to any Android user with Bluetooth enabled within 100 meters.  In order to get rid of the notification the user would either have to click the link, bringing them to your website, or swipe it away.

The use of this exciting and innovative approach comes with a multitude of benefits. First is the the most easily noticed.  Increased sales.  When customers start getting more and more android ads you will discover that over time you will start seeing benefits in the form of increased brand awareness. One such campaign generated a 20 fold increase in the desire to purchase and a 36% boost in client knowledge about the product.

All you need to do, is go to the order page and choose 3, 8, or more gems, then just put your message and the website link you want  in your personalized back office.  You're done! We will send you your gems and you can do so many things with them!  

Android has a 60% market share in the smartphone category in North America and as times passes more and more people have their Bluetooth enabled. More and more people are listening to wireless headphones while lounging in the park, exercising, conducting phone calls and playing their music through car audio systems than ever before.

I want you to win in the future and the early adopters always seem to reap the biggest rewards of any new technology. I’m hard pressed to think of a business that can’t use one of these notification devices but below you’ll find a list of businesses and Bluetooth Marketing strategies for each of them.
Restaurants: Notifications with new menu items, desserts and gift cards offers are the norm.
  • "Happy Hour Special - Order Now" - Website Link
  • "10% Off All Desserts - Ask Inside" - Website Link
  • "Discount Coupons - Join Our Mailing List" - Website Link
Coffee & Ice Cream Shops: Like restaurants, coffee shop notifications should offer new flavors, sandwich & dessert combos or gift cards.
  • "Tried Our New Flavors Yet?" - Website Link
  • "Need a cup of Joe to go?" - Website Link
  • "Buy One Get One Half Off" - Website Link
Financial Planners: Thousands of people are retiring everyday and need your assistance so get in front of them with Bluetooth proximity marketing.
  • "Retireing Soon? Schedule A Call" - Website Link
  • "Taxes Done Here..." - Website Link
  • "How To Pay Debt Off In 1/3 The Time" - Website Link
Attorneys: I'm not an advocate of divorce but I am a marketer so I want to see everone do well.  With that said....
  • "Cheating Spouse? Call 555-5555" - Website Link
  • "Owed Child Support? Call 555-5555" - Website Link
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Coffee Shops
  • Icre Cream Parolors
  • Hair & Tanning Salons
  • Realtors
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Festivals and Trade Shows
  • Auto Dealerships
  • ATV/UTV/Boat/RV Dealerships
  • Servie Based Businesses
  • Bookstores
  • Boutique Clothing Stores
  • Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers
  • ANY Retail Outlet
  • Looking For Work
    ​(Post Your Resume)
Dentists: I found my last dentist because of a new patient special.
  • "No Insurance? $25 New Paitient Cleaning" - Website Link
  • "Does Your Child Need Braces?" - Website Link
Make Money Working Out: Everyone at the gym is listening to Bluetooth headphones these days. Grab a cheap domain and forward it to a supplement offer.  Throw one of these in your pocket when hitting the gym or "strategically" leave one in your locker.
  • "Wanna lose more weight?" - Website Link
  • "Gain More Muscle... Click Here!" - Website Link
Affiliate, Network & Internet Marketers: There are endless possibilities of building HUGE lists and making a ton of sales with this technology!  When I first saw these I immediatly thought of Clickbank, Click Funnels and CPA (Cost-Per-Action) networks like Cash Network and Max Bounty.    Here is what I have come up with to earn $1,000's per month using these....​​
Make Money Online: These devices are a MLM'rs and Network Marketers dream come true.  Since the notification displays the corresponding social media icon, you can simply link to your social media profile like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and say something like:
Real Estate Professionals: Leave a gem in each of your home listings!  Provide one to all of your agents to direct traffic to your listings.
  • "Wholesale 100k - ARV 170k! Click Here" - Website Link
  • "Bad Realtor?  I'll Help You!" - Website Link
  • "Successful Investor Looking For Trainee" - Website Link
  • "I Make 10k Per Deal! Learn How." - Website Link
  • ​"Check out all of our listings" - Website Link
  • "I found you!  Wanna know how?" - Website Link
  • "Are we friends on Facebook?" - Facebook Link
  • "Dead End Job?  Check This Out" - Website Link
  • "Work From Home ===>" - Website Link

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